Huisartsen Amstelkade

About GP Bosschieter


Hi, my name is Art. Bon vivant, outdoors, tennis enthusiast. I live in Amstelveen with my wife and two young daughters.

In 2011 I completed the Medicine Programme at the VU University. Then I worked for 2 years for the dermatological Center Oosterwal in Alkmaar, the city where I come from and grew up. There I learned a lot about the skin and its conditions. And I still reap the benefits: in practice I meet people with skin problems every day.

Although I think dermatology is a wonderful specialty, I started my GP training in Leiden in 2013. The reason for my switch? As a GP you build up a relationship of trust with your patient. You get to know the story behind the human being. I think that really adds value to the profession!

I graduated in 2016. Subsequently, I gained experience as an acting GP in various practices and at various locations: from the head of North Holland to Rotterdam-South. And since August 2018 in the practice on the Amstelkade, then still owned by Doctor Prins.

Although I still have a warm heart for every practice, it really felt like coming home here. The flair, charm and cosiness of the people around here suit me well! I did not have to think long about whether I wanted to take over the practice of Doctor Prins after his retirement – in October 2020.

What do I find important as a GP and as a person? Quality of life. That people get the right care in the right place. And that they do not hesitate to ask me anything they want, I know few taboos.

Our team

Chims el Guence

Doctor’s assistant


Drs. Appelman

General Practioner

Since November 2020, Drs Appelman has been working at the Amstelkade GP practice. Born and raised in Twente, she moved to Amsterdam in 2006 to study Medicine at the VU. After working in the hospital for a number of years in pediatrics, she completed her GP training at the VUmc in 2018. During her training, she further specialized in the Emergency Care, Geriatrics, Psychiatry & Gyneacology departments.
In addition to standard GP care, you can also contact her for minor procedures such as the removal of moles, joint injections & placing / removing an implanon and placing spirals.
Working days Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Steven Merkens

Doctor’s assistant

Humeyra Tufekci

Doctor’s assistant

Since January 2021 I have been working in the practice as a doctor’s assistant. Before this I worked in 2 other healthcare centers and now have 3 years of work experience as a doctor’s assistant.
As of March 2021 I will start the consultation hour support training course.
This means that I will independently treat minor complaints in the near futue

Anja van der Veld


Anja is a registered psychologist and works in our practice as POH-GGZ (Practice Support General Practitioners in the field of Mental Health Care). She is affiliated with Arkin (one of the largest mental health institutions in the field of psychiatry). Anja supports, guides, treats (short-term) and, if necessary, refers patients with psychological, psychosomatic and psychosocial problems to specialized care providers.
She has consultation hours on Wednesdays.